Healthy Living – Mind and Body

This healthy living is hard work. Not just physically hard work, but hard work staying on track. We humans like to indulge, and I am guilty of that.

Still, it is the thought that counts, and I can say my intentions are always there.

This month is my NaNoWriMo challenge month. Last year I achieved the 50,000 words, but the muse has escaped me this month. I am about 7,000 words into my sequel to the novel I wrote last year. But the characters are no longer talking. It is hard with full-time work, but I was intent on doing it again. My mind however was elsewhere, and I chose to just go with what I felt I needed to do for myself.

It has been a full year and the usual end-of-year tiredness had set in. A personal family issue has been bothering me for the last three months. Enough to seek professional help, and it was the best I could have done for myself. The problem had left me empty, well at least not as creative as I could have been. But on the up side seeking help assisted me in maintaining a healthy mind.

So what are the main things I have learned that is helping me grow and move forward?

1. Even if you do not understand why or even agree, learn to listen and validate the feelings of others. They are real to the other person.
2. Another person’s decision and actions are not a mirror of you. It is their journey, not yours.
3. Self blame zaps your energy. You cannot change past decisions and actions. You only can affect future actions , so put your energy into them.
4. Learn to accept our roles in life are ever changing
5. Accept that we enter this world on our own and we only ever have ourselves.
6. Find peace in yourself and FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS

I have walked a lot with the warmer weather approaching, and right now I am sitting in a park after an hour-long walk. Being outdoors is peaceful and clears any cobwebs. It is invigorating, and as your mind is part of your body, moving it improves your overall well being. Plus it awakens those creative juices.

I will continue my feeble attempt at healthy living, and looking forward to getting stuck into editing my novel in December. November for me was more National Me Month. Maybe I am onto something, NaMeMo.
How has your months been?

Positive Thought 12/9/2018


Today’s positive…walking in the park along Lake Merritt in Oakland I was looking for a cafe in need of my morning coffee. I stopped at a place I thought might be a cafe, but was a local community garden place. Turned to walk away when a young woman came out and asked if she could help me. When I told her I was looking for a cafe she closed up the place and walked me to the nearest cafe about a 5 minute walk away. What a lovely gesture. It certainly set the mood for the rest of my day.

Photographic Journey May 2018

I decided to get up early yesterday morning and pay a visit to Kurnell; a quiet beachside suburb near where I live in Sydney.

Its a strange place in that it is right here in busy buzzing Sydney but you feel like you have arrived in a small coastal country town. Time seems to slow down.

Maybe it is due to the historic significance of the place. According to Wikipedia
Kurnell is the place where Captain James Cook landed on 29 April 1770, making first contact with the original inhabitants of the area, the Gweagal Aborigines whilst navigating his way up the East Coast of Australia on Endeavour
Or maybe its due to the strange industrial ocean landscape with its many tankers in the horizon distracting from the natural beauty.


There is an eery feeling to the morning with the fog/smog floating around every bend as I am approaching Kurnell. The morning sun warming up the cold night air and slowly forcing the last fog away. Still, the view is hazy and much of the horizon is not yet clear as I walk along the footpath into the national park area. Later in the day I hear the haze is due to back burning.

boat n tankers

There is something refreshing about being out this early. Refreshing and relaxing at the same time. None of the usual demands of the day has started to surface. The feeling we have a full day ahead brings a sense of relaxation: a sense of maniana: plenty of time to worry about what tasks lay ahead.

The sun is peeping through the trees leaving long shadows on the ground. Not an easy time to take a good photo with the changes in light. I do my best but I can feel I haven’t been out with my camera enough lately.

sun in tree.png
path n sun.png

Steps leading up into the bush stimulating my imagination; just me, my camera and my imagination. A beautiful old house at the top of the hill. Who lives there? Who lived there in the past?

I reach the end of the park and walk onto the rocky beach area just breathing in the see air.

The sound of water crashing onto rocks can be frightening, but this morning I feel safe and the sound is soothing and relaxing.

After a while I start to make my way back. It is still quiet, but for a lone cyclist, a jogger and some fishermen.


It is not till I get closer to the beginning of the park that the place gets buzzing. The cafe is filled with cyclist having coffee and day trippers enjoying breakfast. Me included. Nothing like an early morning walk in nature to get you hungry and make you feel content and alive.
If you get a chance check out Kurnell yourself.