Positive Thought 23/6/2018

Today’s positive….after a somewhat down start to the day feeling a bit lonely. You know when everyone else seem to be busy doing interesting things and you have nothing planned looking down the barrel of a full day by yourself.

But after house clean, gym, leisurely coffee, grocery shop, content planning for our festival site, couple of queries sent off to editors, novel formatting and finishing current book The Outsider…..I feel relaxed and at peace tonight. Sometimes a day spent being productive puts a smile on your dial

Positive Thought 7/4/2018

Attended a fascinating talk and book signing by author Tony Park this morning at Harry Harthog Bookseller.

I confess to never having read any of his books yet, but feel I could easily become a new fan.

Mainly went along to “pick his brain” about the whole book edit/publish process, and Tony was more than willing to share his expertise and tips.

Was encouraging to hear that an author with numerous published books under his belt mostly writes without a set plot in mind ( like me) and loves Stephen King’s book “On Writing” (like me)

Here is hoping that one day Tony Park and I will also have the “author of many books” title in common 😊

Of course I bought his latest book Captive and had it signed.

Looking forward to getting swept away into an African adventure.