Positive Thought 19/9/2018

Today’s positive…my last day in the US. Thats not really a positive as Im sad to be leaving my daughter. But having a last day means you have been able to have a first day too. I have so enjoyed being part of her daily life, and the overall positive is that I was able… Continue reading Positive Thought 19/9/2018

Positive Thought 2/9 & 3/9/2018

For some reason yesterdays post didnt process. Maybe my cold infused brain mucked it up. So here you have two for one Today’s positive 2/9….waking to the sound of rain and being Sunday knowing I can stay in bed. Best feeling Today’s positive 3/9 …working for an understanding boss who doesn’t insist on work getting… Continue reading Positive Thought 2/9 & 3/9/2018

Positive Thought 25/8/2018

Today’s positive…learning, once again, that too often life’s challenges are wrapped up and in disguise. Once we move out of the “poor me” phase they are really opportunities for growth teaching us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world we live in.