Positive Thought 24/2/2018

At first it scared the living daylight out of me!!

But on second inspection, when I realised what the lump under my bbq tarp was, it surely must be the positive of today.

Mama possum has brought her baby home to meet and greet. What a cutie!!

Strange really. I live in an apartment in busy Sydney suburb and I have a cat. Still, the possum picked my veranda to rest with her baby. Feeling quietly privileged and honoured.

I guess no bbq today 😁

Hello Possum!

Just introducing my cute flatmate, Mr or Mrs ​Possum.

Been hanging around for a long time now in spite of me having a cat. Seemed quite happy to play model.

Possums along with kangaroos and koalas are iconic Australian fauna. They are nocturnal marsupials and apparently, we have 23 known species here. Often they are a pest when they get into peoples roof spaces, but this little fella is doing no harm.

I love the fact that I can live in an apartment in a big city like Sydney only minutes walk from a huge shopping center​ and still enjoy nature in the form of this cute little possum.​