Mood Enhancing Tools

Sometimes, when our minds succumb to a bout of self-pity for no apparent reason, except perhaps due to overexertion, we all need something to ground us back to reality. While spending time with my beloved family serves as a significant source of solace, there are two other activities that instantaneously restore my positive outlook.


Engaging in a brief session of Yin yoga never fails to redirect my focus to the present moment, relinquishing the hold of past regrets and future uncertainties. Through gentle stretches and deliberate slowing down, I immerse myself in the practice, placing emphasis on my breath and granting myself much-needed personal time. This ritual consistently uplifts my spirits, leaving me content, serene, and prepared to confront whatever the day may bring. When performed before bedtime, it even grants me a restful slumber akin to that of a peacefully dreaming infant.

Walking by the Water:

The act of walking itself fills me with energy and an improved sense of well-being. However, what truly elevates my mood is the opportunity to step out of my front door and within minutes find myself strolling along the water’s edge. It holds a unique allure for me, invoking a profound sense of gratitude that renders any minor troubles trivial and unworthy of dwelling upon. By the time I return home, I feel invigorated and on top of the world.

Life is an ever-present tapestry of challenges, yet possessing the tools to overcome or manage them makes a world of difference. So, what are your personal means of coping and flourishing amidst life’s tribulations?