Positive Thought 16/10/2018

Today’s positive…waking up before the alarm. My body clock is back on track after last week’s daylight savings change. Always find it hard when I loose the hour in the morning, but it is nice to have the extra daylight at end of the day.

Positive Thought 15/10/2018

Today’s positive…enjoying my study read; To Kill a Mockingbird. Preparations for this weekend’s Creative Writing workshop. Learning seems to have been a big part of my life driven by a natural curiosity. It keeps me motivated and alive.

Positive Thought 13/10/2018

Today’s positive…seeing new flower buds forming on the orchid my sister gave me, when she was visiting earlier this year. Living in Denmark her visits to Sydney are rare, but always treasured. Seeing her orchid about to bloom makes me feel like she is still here. The presence of loved ones can be felt in many interesting ways.