Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020 Celebrating this New Year on a plane en route from San Francisco to Sydney. Wasn’t sure what to expect. No big party but to be honest it’s a great way to reflect and relax into this new decade. What better way than to witness the beauty of mother nature from above. The… Continue reading Happy New Year

Positive Thought 31/12/2018

Today’s positive…being privileged to live another year creating beautiful memories with loved ones, meeting strangers now friends and gaining new knowledge through challenges and experiences. Life indeed is one big positive. Tomorrow I look forward to reading through all my Positive Thoughts for 2018, and starting again for the new 2019. Thanks for following and… Continue reading Positive Thought 31/12/2018

New Year

​​Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you for the follows, likes and encouraging comments in 2017 Hope 2018 is a wonderful year for all with bucketloads of beautiful moments and writing inspirations.  ​[wpvideo k4uiMRA9]​