What Makes You Smile?

These posts so far have always been around my own experiences and photos to match.

But I have to share this link today as it totally made me smile and feel good. Music and dancing is such a wonderful combination. It always lifts my spirit.

This guy’s guitar playing and interaction with people in the street is so heart warming.

I am his newest massive fan. Check out this video and more on UTube

Go Borja Catanesi!

Positive Thought 18/11/2018

Today’s positive…once in a while a movie comes along where you want to just stay in your seat and watch it again. Bohemian Rhapsody is like that. A feast for your senses. Awesome sound and great acting. Took me back down memory lane to my first album bought as a young teenager. Loved every minute.

Positive Thought 8/11/2018

Today’s positive…being lucky enough to have our very own local Australian Music Week here in our neighbourhood. Best act by far tonight was Nathan Cavaleri. Amazing guitarist. Remember seeing him play when he was only a young boy. Check him out here if you like good music


Positive Thought 3/11/2018

Today’s positive…watching A Star Is Born tonight with a good friend. It’s nice to just get swept away by the great music and story. Movie might have been long but certainly produced many goosebump moments.

Positive Thought 28/10/2018


Today’s positive… discovering new favourite artists on Spotify. Love having music in the background and currently can’t get enough of listening to Ray La Montagne. How good is this track!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6POcQ5wiUa4

Best of all he is coming to Sydney next year 🙂


Positive Thought 29/7/2018

Todays’s positive…..having a day at home catching up on writing submissions and home chores with Spotify keeping me company. Love it when I discover a new artist that capture me. Today it is Louis Baker a NZ artist with a beautiful soulful voice. Check out his Rainbow here

Positive Thought 21/4/2018

My morning started with reading the sad tweet that Avicii had passed at only 28. I love his music and felt saddened by this. Played his music loud for a couple of hours while getting my housework done. Way to young and so talented.

You may wonder why I am posting this on my positive thoughts. But this sad start to my day made the rest of my day so much sweeter. Watching parents and children at the local market made me smile. Seeng their love. The beauty of life, being alive on a sunny day. Then catching up with my own daughter later in the afternoon only a year older than Avicii. I am so lucky to have both of my girls healthy and happy.

Every day we get to spend with loved ones is a treasure and definitely a positive.