Be Careful What You Wish For

My first short story published on Short Friction Break in 2017

I stopped dead in my tracks not believing what I just saw. Standing in the front carriage cabin on a busy commuter train packed with people silent and half asleep on their way to work I saw the figure. It seemed like just another commuter, but dress style very reminiscent of another era. The baggy striped pants, fitted vest with watch chain and long coat jacket was like out of an old photo reminding me of my grandfather.

The figure entered our cabin and moved with grace, almost like it was floating. Nothing really unusual until I saw it move through to the next cabin without the doors opening. Straight through the glass. I looked at the woman next to me to see if she had seen it too,but she showed no reaction.

“Did you see that person walk straight through the doors?” I asked her. She gave me a funny look and shook her head, obviously thinking I was just another nutcase on the train. I decided to stay quiet and told myself maybe I had imagined it.

Was relaxing and almost forgetting the whole episode when I looked up and saw the figure standing right next to me. I jumped in fright knocking over a guy’s coffee cup in his hand. He swore from the pain of the hot drink all over his hand and glared at me.

“What is your problem lady? “

“Sorry I got spooked by the person next to me”

“There is no-one next to you. Are you crazy lady or just an idiot”

How rude! I instantly disliked this man and wished his hot coffee had hurt more than just his hand. I could clearly see the figure right next to me, the piercing steely blue eyes looking right at the man with the coffee cup. Then I saw the knife. Just inside the left side of the old jacket. The figure was reaching for the knife and getting ready to strike the guy with the coffee. He had no idea what was about to happen to him.


The figure stopped and looked at me with questioning eyes. I had spoken to the figure without using my voice. We communicated without words, connected via our minds.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am your assistance and your deepest subconscious wish maker. I am here to help you take control of your life and live with no boundaries or restrictions”

“What? Are you saying you are my genie? I asked again.

“Yes, you could call me that if you like. Your wish is totally my command. I have no conscience and act out any wish with no feelings or empathy”

I smiled to myself. This was my day. A genie all to myself. I felt like I had won the lottery. I could ask for anything my heart desired. Where to start?

Make the rude guy trip when he leaves the train.

I had to contain my laughter when the guy left the train tripping on his way out spilling the rest of his coffee all over his white shirt. I looked at the genie and noticed his eyes were smiling. I smiled back. Karma is indeed a bitch.

I wish I was slimmer and super sexy looking wearing a top class suit ready for a day at the office.

O.M.G. I saw my reflection in the train window and I looked amazing. Still me, just really toned and beautifully dressed. So classy.

I walked off the train with my genie figure following me. This was going to be a great day.

Except it was raining and as usual I had left my umbrella behind.

I wish I had a beautiful umbrella.

Right away my hands were clutching the most beautiful and stylish umbrella I had ever owned. Perfect. I motioned to the genie to join me under the umbrella, but he declined. Thats when I noticed he was totally dry walking in the rain. Must be so cool to be a genie.

I wish my bank balance was a lot healthier.

I checked my mobile bank account in the lift up to the office. WOW! Do I really have to work with that much money? I love you genie. Again the smily eyes.

I wish for a day full of laughter in the office.

Mondays were always a drag, but with my genie by my side, I was looking forward to my working day. I was still thinking about all the wishes I could ask for when I walked into the office. Too excited to notice everyone laughing and huddling around Peter’s desk. Peter had only recently started in the office and was the hottest guy I had ever laid my eyes on. Making my way through the crowd I noticed they all turned to look at me and laughed even harder.

That’s when I noticed the email up on his screen. The email I had sent him asking him out for drinks. I knew it had been a mistake sending the email late last night after a few drinks, but I had felt game and had celebrated a salary increase with a couple of drinks with dinner. This morning, after sleeping on it, I had had second thoughts, but I still hoped Peter at least would just take it as a compliment. Instead, he had decided to show it to everyone. My photo was staring at me from his screen and all eyes were looking at me waiting for some explanation. All I could think about was how I wanted to just curl up and die right there.

And I did!

Dreaming Of a White Xmas

The day has finally come.

In another hour I will be bound for Copenhagen. The cold north for a, fingers crossed, white Christmas.

We have been planning it for over 6 months and trust me coordinating time off, flights,​train trips​, ​and accommodation​ for 3 people living in 3 different places has been a challenge. But we are all on our way. On different flights, but all meeting up in Copenhagen for the rest of our 3-hour​ train trip to spend Christmas with our family in Denmark.

I still can’t believe it is actually happening. This is the first time in over 20 years that we have all been together for Christmas. My sister and brother and their family and me and my girls. It’s​ a Christmas miracle.

Last time I traveled​ to Denmark with my girls, I spent most of the 30-hour​ flight with my 3-year-old​ on my lap. She is now 26! My oldest was about 6 or 7 and too excited to sleep. Until we finally landed in Copenhagen. Knowing we had finally arrived in Denmark she relaxed and fell into a coma style sleep. We still had a 2-hour​ wait in Copenhagen before boarding a short flight to my​​ hometown​. If you have ever tried to wake up a comatose​ child with a toddler on your hip and 3 backpacks on your back​,​, you know what​ I am talking about.

This time will be easier. For starters, ​they are much older and flying on different flights!

But back​ to being excited! It really hit me this afternoon when I finished work and headed home to get ready for my trip. It became real then. Both my daughters were on their way and I was the last to board on my plane here from Sydney. I am leaving Sydney in a heatwave and will be arriving in ​freezing cold Denmark. It was almost impossible to think of winter coats, boots, ​and scarves in our sweltering​ heat. Time will tell if I have packed the right gear.

My sister will be picking us all up from the train station when we arrive around 7pm. She has planned a nice supper of Danish smorrebrod,​ fancy open sandwiched, and my brother and his wife will join us. They are all equally excited to finally see my daughters as well. They have seen me a few times over the last few years, always in the ​summertime​. But this time we could all make it and everyone is​ filled with anticipation.

I feel so lucky to finally be able to organize​ this. Its been a long time coming.

Just​ goes to show,​ if you want something bad enough and keep working towards it, anything is possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday time and safe entry into 2018. Thank​ you​ for your continued support and for following and commenting on my posts.

Keep dreaming big.