What makes you smile?

Sunday morning breakfast. Fresh spinach from my patio garden with poached eggs and homemade bread topped with avocado and vegemite. In spite of all the challenges of 2020 I hope everyone finds their tiny reason to still smile โค๏ธ

Thoughts and Ramblings on Covid-19. April 18th 2020.

Another week has gone by in this strange Covid-19 stay-at-home lifestyle. This has now been my life for almost five weeks. I have accepted it and maybe as an introvert it has not been too hard to adjust. Like everyone, I long to be around people, to have the freedom to get out and about… Continue reading Thoughts and Ramblings on Covid-19. April 18th 2020.

Healthy Living – Citrus Poached Salmon

I love salmon, and this recipe would have to be my favourite so far. It’s simple, quick to prepare and totally delicious. Citrus Poached Salmon with Asparagus. Mix juice of one large lemon and one orange. Put aside 1/4 cup for dressing Add rest of citrus juice to pan with cup of water. Bring to… Continue reading Healthy Living – Citrus Poached Salmon

Healthy Living – Frittata

Vegetable and Bacon Frittata Great dish for a warm summer day – and today is a super warm day here in Sydney. Quickly stir-fry cut up bacon, shallots and mushrooms. Add to oven proof dish and layer with cut up vegetables (I used carrots, beetroot and kale but add any you have in fridge will… Continue reading Healthy Living – Frittata

Positive Thought 12/1/2019

Today’s positive…watching the sun setting after a productive and very hot Saturday catching up on domestics, editing a friend’s short story and stocking my fridge with delicious fresh food. Nothing satisfies more than feeling a sense of ‘having achieved’.