Thoughts and Ramblings on Covid-19 -Anzac Day

  Today is Anzac day in Australia. People normally gather in the suburbs, in parks or near beaches to honour the many soldiers that have fought for our freedom, and there is an official parade in the city. Not this year. Due to the restrictions we could not do this. Instead, the government urged people… Continue reading Thoughts and Ramblings on Covid-19 -Anzac Day

Positive Thought 25/12/2018

Today’s positive…Christmas day can be the most stressful day of the year for some. Families get together out of obligation rather than choice; everything must be perfect; expectations run high and feelings of loneliness can sour. But this quote says it so perfectly. I love it. It’s all about bringing back gratitude and not expecting… Continue reading Positive Thought 25/12/2018