Positive Thought 6/10/2018

Today’s positive….attending a well run writing workshop at beautiful Varuna Writers House. Learning so much and also learning I have so much more to learn. What an amazing journey writing is taking me on.

Positive Thought 31/7/2018

Today’s positive….meeting with Joel Naoum from Critical Mass regarding best publishing strategy. Highly recommend it to anyone not sure of next step or where to focus.

I now feel I have a much clearer idea on what I need to do next and I’m excited about getting stuck into it.

Positive Thought 11/7/2018

Today’s positive….on a roll. Another writing submission finalised. This time for The Next Chapter. A great initiative by The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. Exhausted but feeling good.

Please send some positive winning vibes my way 😄🌷

Positive Thought 10/7/2018

Today’s positive….to read the banter between my daughters in our messenger group is a joy; the oldest on a holiday in Japan and the youngest doing a short roadtrip across the US. The adventures and the fun both are having makes me smile. So glad they are having these marvellous opportunities.

Travelling is a great educator and such fun.

Positive Thought 15/3/2018

Its been a hive of busy days lately. So many positives.

This one actually happened last Saturday in prep for my birthday party. Feeling like a big change I got my hair cut really short. Scary stuff! But I still feel really happy about taking the plunge. This year feels like it will be a year of change. Its my year, the year of the dog. Im ready for change 🙂