Positive Thought 31/7/2018

Today’s positive….meeting with Joel Naoum from Critical Mass regarding best publishing strategy. Highly recommend it to anyone not sure of next step or where to focus.

I now feel I have a much clearer idea on what I need to do next and I’m excited about getting stuck into it.

Positive Thought 10/7/2018

Today’s positive….to read the banter between my daughters in our messenger group is a joy; the oldest on a holiday in Japan and the youngest doing a short roadtrip across the US. The adventures and the fun both are having makes me smile. So glad they are having these marvellous opportunities.

Travelling is a great educator and such fun.

Positive Thought 15/3/2018

Its been a hive of busy days lately. So many positives.

This one actually happened last Saturday in prep for my birthday party. Feeling like a big change I got my hair cut really short. Scary stuff! But I still feel really happy about taking the plunge. This year feels like it will be a year of change. Its my year, the year of the dog. Im ready for change ūüôā

Dreaming Of a White Xmas

The day has finally come.

In another hour I will be bound for Copenhagen. The cold north for a, fingers crossed, white Christmas.

We have been planning it for over 6 months and trust me coordinating time off, flights,‚Äčtrain trips‚Äč, ‚Äčand accommodation‚Äč for 3 people living in 3 different places has been a challenge. But we are all on our way. On different flights, but all meeting up in Copenhagen for the rest of our 3-hour‚Äč train trip to spend Christmas with our family in Denmark.

I still can’t believe it is actually happening. This is the first time in over 20 years that we have all been together for Christmas. My sister and brother and their family and me and my girls. It’s‚Äč a Christmas miracle.

Last time I traveled‚Äč to Denmark with my girls, I spent most of the 30-hour‚Äč flight with my 3-year-old‚Äč on my lap. She is now 26! My oldest was about 6 or 7 and too excited to sleep. Until we finally landed in Copenhagen. Knowing we had finally arrived in Denmark she relaxed and fell into a coma style sleep. We still had a 2-hour‚Äč wait in Copenhagen before boarding a short flight to my‚Äč‚Äč hometown‚Äč. If you have ever tried to wake up a comatose‚Äč child with a toddler on your hip and 3 backpacks on your back‚Äč,‚Äč, you know what‚Äč I am talking about.

This time will be easier. For starters, ‚Äčthey are much older and flying on different flights!

But back‚Äč to being excited! It really hit me this afternoon when I finished work and headed home to get ready for my trip. It became real then. Both my daughters were on their way and I was the last to board on my plane here from Sydney. I am leaving Sydney in a heatwave and will be arriving in ‚Äčfreezing cold Denmark. It was almost impossible to think of winter coats, boots, ‚Äčand scarves in our sweltering‚Äč heat. Time will tell if I have packed the right gear.

My sister will be picking us all up from the train station when we arrive around 7pm. She has planned a nice supper of Danish smorrebrod,‚Äč fancy open sandwiched, and my brother and his wife will join us. They are all equally excited to finally see my daughters as well. They have seen me a few times over the last few years, always in the ‚Äčsummertime‚Äč. But this time we could all make it and everyone is‚Äč filled with anticipation.

I feel so lucky to finally be able to organize‚Äč this. Its been a long time coming.

Just‚Äč goes to show,‚Äč if you want something bad enough and keep working towards it, anything is possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday time and safe entry into 2018. Thank‚Äč you‚Äč for your continued support and for following and commenting on my posts.

Keep dreaming big.