Positive Thought 2/8/2018

Today’s positive…living in a country where heat and electricity is available at the flick of a switch.

Came home tonight after a long day at work to a full power outage in our suburb. Thankfully now restored to normal but for a while it was like end of the world atmosphere. Pitch black outside, cold dinner and no light or heating inside. Even though the quiet was restful I was happy when power came back on.

Positive Thought 3/7/2018

Today’s positive …having dinner at a friends place tonight. Lovely treat breaking up the working week. Met her “warm shower” guest. A beautiful idea amongst bicycle riders around the world based on a kind of Kharma system. Providing free accomodation to fellow bike riders. Great way to reduce the travelling cost, meet interesting locals and get good riding/travelling tips. Always good to see humans caring for other humans.