Positive Thought 17/1/2019

Today’s positive…this morning I chatted to my sister in Denmark, excited about her first grandchild due in three weeks, as well as my daughter in San Fransisco, excited about her wedding in September. 2019 is shaping up to be a big year!

Positive Thought 13/10/2018

Today’s positive…seeing new flower buds forming on the orchid my sister gave me, when she was visiting earlier this year. Living in Denmark her visits to Sydney are rare, but always treasured. Seeing her orchid about to bloom makes me feel like she is still here. The presence of loved ones can be felt in… Continue reading Positive Thought 13/10/2018

Positive Thought 2/7/2018

Today’s positive….Wordpress sent me a note to congratulate me on six years with WP. Reminded me that I actually set up my first WP blog as a journal on my first trip back to Denmark after 17 years here in Australia. It was just for me and girls to read. I’ve just been reading some… Continue reading Positive Thought 2/7/2018

Dreaming Of a White Xmas

The day has finally come. In another hour I will be bound for Copenhagen. The cold north for a, fingers crossed, white Christmas. We have been planning it for over 6 months and trust me coordinating time off, flights,​train trips​, ​and accommodation​ for 3 people living in 3 different places has been a challenge. But… Continue reading Dreaming Of a White Xmas