Positive Thought 31/12/2018

Today’s positive…being privileged to live another year creating beautiful memories with loved ones, meeting strangers now friends and gaining new knowledge through challenges and experiences. Life indeed is one big positive. Tomorrow I look forward to reading through all my Positive Thoughts for 2018, and starting again for the new 2019. Thanks for following and… Continue reading Positive Thought 31/12/2018

Positive Thought 28/12/2018

Today’s positive…Feeling quite proud that I have maintained these daily positive thoughts for all of 2018. The year is almost over and I am wondering if I should continue again in 2019. Intentions were only for a year, but I must admit the project has grown on me, and I love how it has made… Continue reading Positive Thought 28/12/2018

Positive Thought 3/4/2018

Don’t you love it when you have this clear moment of where you want to go with something. Happened to me today and its a great feeling. Today’s positive! My blog has been a bit of everything with no set plan other than my daily positive thoughts. Ive enjoyed it so far but I like… Continue reading Positive Thought 3/4/2018

Positive Thought 12/1/2018

As if receiving a complimentary no charge deluxe car wash from our business neighbour Star Car Wash isn’t enough to make you smile. Then to also be told by their counter staff that I look too young to have grown up daughters in their late 20’s. Some people just really have customer service down pat… Continue reading Positive Thought 12/1/2018