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This short story was written and submitted for a competition last month.I didn't win but I think it was good for me to write. Guide lines were: The story had to begin with the words “A long time ago” The story had to include the words “star”, “war” and “force” (or a plural of those… Continue reading HOPE

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My Last Love

My second short story published first on Short Fiction Break in September 2017 *************************************************************************** He was not my first love. But he ended up my biggest and my last love. It was a short love affair, but the fall was intense. We both knew it would not be an easy road yet it was a… Continue reading My Last Love

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Be Careful What You Wish For

My first short story published on Short Friction Break in 2017 I stopped dead in my tracks not believing what I just saw. Standing in the front carriage cabin on a busy commuter train packed with people silent and half asleep on their way to work I saw the figure. It seemed like just another… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For