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Thanks Giving Dinner

Short story written for competition. Only prompt was this picture had to be the opening scene. Didn't win , but I loved writing the story ‘Is that a chip?’ Moira thinks out loud leaning across to pick up the sparkling wine glass. The table is set with luxurious silver ware, sparkling glasses and perfume rich… Continue reading Thanks Giving Dinner

Short story


This short story was written and submitted for a competition last month.I didn't win but I think it was good for me to write. Guide lines were: The story had to begin with the words “A long time ago” The story had to include the words “star”, “war” and “force” (or a plural of those… Continue reading HOPE

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My Last Love

My second short story published first on Short Fiction Break in September 2017 *************************************************************************** He was not my first love. But he ended up my biggest and my last love. It was a short love affair, but the fall was intense. We both knew it would not be an easy road yet it was a… Continue reading My Last Love

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Be Careful What You Wish For

My first short story published on Short Friction Break in 2017 I stopped dead in my tracks not believing what I just saw. Standing in the front carriage cabin on a busy commuter train packed with people silent and half asleep on their way to work I saw the figure. It seemed like just another… Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For