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Good Morning Sunrise!

The sound of my alarm shocked my sleepy brain into action. I was groggy and so not ready to get up. For a moment I considered going back to sleep. My mind made several excuses for staying in bed….. it’s cloudy outside, sunrise will not be nice…. I have a big week ahead and need… Continue reading Good Morning Sunrise!

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Music Festival Top 5

I love music festivals and I love taking photos. Last weekend I got to do both. How lucky am I! How did I end up doing that you might ask? I'm not exactly a professional photographer and fairly new in the game of using a DSLR camera. The trick is volunteering till you get there.… Continue reading Music Festival Top 5

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White Fluffy Stuff

It finally arrived!  A thin layer of snow greeted us this morning. Didn’t see it fall. It was just there when we woke up. Had to take some photos of the magic in our backyard.  This lonely bench with the setting sun just caught my eye on my afternoon walk. Imagine the stories this bench… Continue reading White Fluffy Stuff

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Hello Possum!

Just introducing my cute flatmate, Mr or Mrs ​Possum. Been hanging around for a long time now in spite of me having a cat. Seemed quite happy to play model. Possums along with kangaroos and koalas are iconic Australian fauna. They are nocturnal marsupials and apparently, we have 23 known species here. Often they are… Continue reading Hello Possum!

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Misty Morning on the Beach

Nothing beats getting up early in the morning to capture the start to the day. It's hard to get out of bed at 5am on a Sunday morning when your body says “I want to sleep”, but it is so worth it. I dragged myself out this morning to capture a few pictures of the… Continue reading Misty Morning on the Beach

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Festival Photography

My heart missed a beat when I saw the notice on one of my favourite Facebook groups “Volunteer photographer for music festival wanted” This was my chance. I love music and I love photography. To combine both sounded like heaven. I quickly responded. The start of a whirlwind week. Within 24 hours I was accepted… Continue reading Festival Photography