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Synopsis for Secrets in the Lake

A young freelance writer looking for love unwittingly opens a Pandora box of secrets beneath the depths of the Lake.   Mandy Reid, a successful young writer in LA, receives a call from an old flame, Sam Smith, regarding the death of a shared friend, Karl Sonenheim. The impending funeral brings Mandy back to Lake Haven,… Continue reading Synopsis for Secrets in the Lake

Positive Thought Project 2018

Positive Thought 15/8/2018

Today's positive...I was listening to my favourite podcast on the way to work this morning when I heard my name mentioned. I had left a review a few weeks back on ITunes and it was read aloud. I just sat there at the red light with a massive smile which lasted all the way to… Continue reading Positive Thought 15/8/2018

Positive Thought Project 2018

Positive Thought 7/8/2018

Today's positive....podcasts! So happy we have such a huge choice of interesting podcasts. Especially this morning when my usual 30 mins commute stretchef to over one hour. With my Words and Nerds podcast the slow commute was still a breeze. What is your favourite podcast?