Sal Gallaher

I am a keen writer and photographer living in Sydney.

I love being creative and find I am happiest if I make time to indulge in expressing my creative side.

I have always had a strong love for making up stories and writing. Right back to a young girl, I would tell my younger sister stories and I loved writing journals. A childhood in cold northern Denmark gave us lots of long dark indoor time, perfect for quiet writing and storytelling​.

Sometimes writing is just another way of letting go of things that keep bothering your mind. Other times it’s my way of letting my vivid imagination run riot. I’m always thinking of new ideas and can’t wait to get them down on paper.

I got my first camera when I was only 15. It was in black and white so it’s​ a long time ago. I have always had the desire to take good photos, just never took it up seriously until 2016. I haven’t looked back.

I love how photography opens up your eyes and make you take note of all the beautiful little things in life that we glance over as adults. Through the lens​, ​we start to view the world as a child again. With excitement and amazement.
Love it and keen to perfect the art.

But never enough time to indulge fully in both passions. Would love to one day be able to indulge in writing and snapping great images full time and not have to worry about the bills getting paid. Who knows, ​maybe one day 🙂

This site is my way of showcasing what I do, how I am learning and improving along the way. Hopefully, ​you will enjoy looking around as much as I enjoy sharing my writing and photo addiction with you.