Thanks Giving Dinner

Short story written for competition. Only prompt was this picture had to be the opening scene. Didn’t win , but I loved writing the story β€˜Is that a chip?’ Moira thinks out loud leaning across to pick up the sparkling wine glass. The table is set with luxurious silver ware, sparkling glasses and perfume rich… Continue reading Thanks Giving Dinner

Positive Post 28/6/2018

Today’s positive….my daughter having her calf tattoo redone. May sound like an odd positive, but to me it shows self love and self acceptance. She regretted it in her twenties and tried hiding it and lazering it away. Now she has finally accepted it and owns it as part of her. I love her for… Continue reading Positive Post 28/6/2018

Positive Thought 24/6/2018

Today’s positive…..a morning outing into the city to check out photo exhibition Girt by Sea. Enjoyed the train ride (time to read) and the walk from Central station to Paddington. Exhibition was AMAZING. Check out the link below. Brunch after in a cool bakery cafe transported me to France. Nothing like a Sunday adventure. Love… Continue reading Positive Thought 24/6/2018

Positive Thought 23/6/2018

Today’s positive….after a somewhat down start to the day feeling a bit lonely. You know when everyone else seem to be busy doing interesting things and you have nothing planned looking down the barrel of a full day by yourself. But after house clean, gym, leisurely coffee, grocery shop, content planning for our festival site,… Continue reading Positive Thought 23/6/2018