Positive Thought 10/4/2018

The human spirit is amazing. Just watched a news program about a woman who first lost her triplets born way too early. Went onto to have another two children then her husband developed brain cancer and passed away. During all of this she, and her husband when well, continued to raise money for the neonatal… Continue reading Positive Thought 10/4/2018

April Writing Update

Welcome to my first blog on Writing. I hope to amuse, inspire, motivate and provide you with tips on writing. I am by no means an expert, but I believe we can all learn from each other no matter what stage of our writing journey we are on. I promised I would begin this weekend,… Continue reading April Writing Update

Positive Thought 7/4/2018

Attended a fascinating talk and book signing by author Tony Park this morning at Harry Harthog Bookseller. I confess to never having read any of his books yet, but feel I could easily become a new fan. Mainly went along to “pick his brain” about the whole book edit/publish process, and Tony was more than… Continue reading Positive Thought 7/4/2018