Positive Thought 21/4/2018

My morning started with reading the sad tweet that Avicii had passed at only 28. I love his music and felt saddened by this. Played his music loud for a couple of hours while getting my housework done. Way to young and so talented.

You may wonder why I am posting this on my positive thoughts. But this sad start to my day made the rest of my day so much sweeter. Watching parents and children at the local market made me smile. Seeng their love. The beauty of life, being alive on a sunny day. Then catching up with my own daughter later in the afternoon only a year older than Avicii. I am so lucky to have both of my girls healthy and happy.

Every day we get to spend with loved ones is a treasure and definitely a positive.

Positive Thought 16/4/2018

Friends are invaluable.

My girlfriends and I have a group on messenger where we can all stay in touch. Great way to organise a walk, cuppa or night out. Or even just to say hello. There is usually always someone who responds. Tonight was all about sharing some amazing sunset photos against the smoke filled sky. And to make sure we were all ok.

How lucky am I to have some awesome friends 💕

Positive Thought 15/4/2018

After a horror weekend for many families in surrounding neighbourhoods with the raging bushfires I am thankful for being safe in my apartment.

Watching the smoky skyline from my veranda during the day my only discomfort has been the constant strong smell of smoke.

Positive thoughts are sent out to all affected by the fires.