Positive Thought 18/3/2018

While having breakfast this morning I witnessed a simple yet powerful gesture that touched my heart.

A family of four makes their way to a table near me; mum pushing a pram with baby and young preschooler with dad following at the end. The dad decides to turn back to cafe counter for highchair, but rather than just letting his young son follow the rest he bends down and plants a kiss on his son’s head and gently pushes him in the direction of the rest of the family.

Such a simple way to reassure and say I love you; you are safe.

To witness this bond and sign of affection between father and son was beautiful and made my day.

Positive Thought 15/3/2018

Its been a hive of busy days lately. So many positives.

This one actually happened last Saturday in prep for my birthday party. Feeling like a big change I got my hair cut really short. Scary stuff! But I still feel really happy about taking the plunge. This year feels like it will be a year of change. Its my year, the year of the dog. Im ready for change 🙂

Positive Thought 12/3/2018

In spite of it being my sisters last night here in Australia and having to say goodbye to my daughter earlier today now on her way back to SF, I now sit on my veranda feeling so grateful for the absolutely beautiful time we have all had. We have truly created some awesome memories that will be carried in our hearts till we meet again.