Positive Thought 31/3/2018

Had a coffee date today. I’m not really a fan of internet dating, but it seems to be the way today. Im hopeless at making the effort to fit in time for dating. My life is so full and Im pretty content, but yes would be nice to share life’s beautiful moments with someone special.

Not sure we were really that suited, but its always interesting to meet and connect with another human being. Plus it feels good to have made the effort 😊

Positive Thought 30/3/2018

Footy season has started. Well it started a couple of weeks ago, but tonight was my first live game for this season. Always a fun night out with good friends. Great atmosphere, the chanting and singing, the loud commentary from passionate fans, the look of sheer awe on the little kids faces when the footy mascot and tonights Easter bunny gives them a hug. To top it off the local team won!

Positive Thought 24/3/2018

Today I attended our monthly meeting of our local writers group. They are always inspiring and I love networking and learning from fellow writers. Today one of the members came up to me and gave me a writers magazine called Positive Word. He thought I might like to read it and submit to their competitions and articles. What a lovely gesture. I felt touched and appreciative.

Positive Thought 23/3/2018

I have published positive thoughts daily now for almost 3 months. Today is the first day Im struggling. It is not because its been a bad day. Im just exhausted from a long working week and nursing a stinking headache. But there is positives every day. Just some days we dont take note.

So today Ill simply say today’s positive is the fact its Friday and Im having an early night. My bed is comfy, my stomach full and I have a roof over my head.

Nite all