Good Morning Sunrise!


The sound of my alarm shocked my sleepy brain into action. I was groggy and so not ready to get up. For a moment I considered going back to sleep. My mind made several excuses for staying in bed….. it’s cloudy outside, sunrise will not be nice…. I have a big week ahead and need to rest…… I can always go later and catch the sunset!!!

But finally, my mind reminded me of how much I do enjoy getting out early. Plus, I had just read a blog the night before stating “successful people set their alarm and get up early”.

My mind: You want to be successful right! Get out of bed. You know you want to get out there and capture some great pictures.
Sleepy me: Ok ok, I’m​ hearing ya. I’m up!

So I stumble out of bed and splash some water on my face. Pretty up a bit and put on my comfy walking clothes. A large glass of Berocca vitamins to wake me up. Ready!

I grab my bag and camera and head to the beach. It’s only a 5-minute​ drive and already I am feeling much better about getting up early. Lonely cyclists and the odd car share the road. Everything seems so fresh and untouched that time of the morning.

I’m running later than I really should. Sunrise is 6.19am and it’s already 6.10. It’s better to be out a ​half hour before sunrise, but that didn’t happen today. If I make it more of a habit the idea of getting up early on the weekend will become a natural phenomenon for me, I’m​ telling myself. But that would mean early Saturday nights! The dilemma we constantly face in life.

As soon as I get to the beach and see the sun rising I am so grateful I got up. The glowing ball of light is peaking up out of the ocean reflecting rays across the palm trees and rocks. STUNNING. I quickly park and get out my gear keen to get started.

Walking to my first point of capture I pass early surfers and a few joggers. Lifeboats​ are being towed down onto the beach in readiness for another day. A few fellow photographers out on the same mission as I. Beach cafe’s are still to open with their chairs stacked outside. The air is filled with saltwater and the sound of the waves. This is my sanctuary, my place to recharge my soul and get filled up with happy feelings of gratitude. During my childhood in Denmark, ​I never lived near the beach, but I can’t imagine not being near the ocean now.

I spend about an hour walking and taking photos till my battery runs out. Being successful should also state “prepare”!!

Still, I am happy with what I managed to get and return home by 8.30 with a car full of groceries and a coffee in hand. Productive already, with a full day ahead. You’ve got to love that.

You can find my photos on this link to Flickr.

Foggy and freezing - still surfing

Hope you enjoy.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Awww!! How awesome!!! I wish I lived 5 mins from the beach haha!!! Sounds you had a great start to your day!!! I hope you have a great Sunday FUNDAY as well!!!! GO PATRIOTS!! hehe :))) Enjoy Girl!!!

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