Alone in an Ocean


Written a few years ago as a single mum raising my girls

Life is a beautiful journey
Full of constant challenges
that enrich my days
make me grow as a person
An eternal row of lessons
tackled gladly most days
with an energy and enthusiasm
from my positive independent soul

Strong and courageous​
nurturing and resourceful
constantly being the one.
Mother and father in one body
by far my favorite​ role
At times it drains me
Feeling alone and needing a hug
My inner child’s needs awakened

That’s​ when I spiral and spin
into a place I hate
An ocean full of tidal waves
so huge so crushing so engulfing
Like a David against Goliath
I feel small and incompetent
Lost in a world of doubt and turmoil
My inner peace a distant memory

Wishing for the sun to dry up the ocean
To let me feel complete again
Needing to find the energy
to renew my battered soul
Only way out is to let the quiet speak
imagine strong arms surrounding me
nurturing and soothing my soul back to land
where I can again be the ​the one – be Mum

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