Self Pampering – Self-Love​

I slowly open my eyes looking into a small furry face and the sound of purring. She has done it again. Snuck onto my bed in the early morning hours for a cuddle and probably some warmth. It is the end of June and winter has arrived with cold nights and chilly mornings. It is still dark outside and I feel very lazy and snug under my doona. No need to rush out today. It is Saturday and a long weekend of relaxation lay ahead. I have no deadlines or commitments to anyone other than myself. And I know I could easily talk myself out of doing anything this weekend. After a long week and a big month both work-wise and personal, I am ready for some quality me time. I lift the doona to let my feline friend under for some extra warmth. Her purring increases and we both relax into each other’s warmth and drift off into nothing land, mind wandering thinking of nothing and everything at the same time. I love that space.

The loud screeching of the morning cockatoos soon brings me back to life again. The huge white parrots have made a habit of landing in the tree outside my apartment in the morning around sunrise and always making a loud raucous. A sound that is impossible to sleep through. Even for my feline friend. I hop out of bed and head for the shower. It is time to start the day, not sure yet what to tackle first. Have a few errands to run, the usual domestics and also want a hair appointment. It is time for a change. Not sure if it’s winter or just me, but the feeling of something missing has been very evident lately. Like a longing for something not yet identified. So a good hairstyle change is always a great start to making you feel on top of the world again.

I start the laundry chores but decide I best head to the mall to speak to my hairdresser about a new colour and arrange an appointment for some time today. Don’t want to leave it till later and miss out. Throwing down a glass of water and finishing a banana on the way out the door I fully intend to return for a proper breakfast after talking to my hairdresser. Of course, the best-laid plans don’t always go to plan.

The air is crisp and I’m glad I rugged up with my scarf and gloves. The walk to the mall is only short, but the wind tunnel between the tall buildings is chilling right through to the bone. Winter definitely has arrived. Still, I remind myself, this is mild compared to what I grew up with. Winters in Denmark, now that is cold. Very cold and very long and depressing. You end up so sick of the cold and the often wet conditions, you almost feel like you really do go into a depressed state of hibernation and when spring finally arrives, it is such a long-awaited sight to see and feel the sun again. You feel alive and full of energy, almost like you are young flower bud opening up to soak up the sun and grow. At least here in Sydney, the winters are relatively mild and short. Just enough time to complain about the cold and start wearing some winter clothes for a few weeks. Still, in June it seems forever till summer and the sunshine again. So we cheer ourselves up with some self-pampering, like a new hair colour.

I walk into the busy hair salon and is attended by a young girl who really doesn’t have much of an idea, but at least has enough smart to call my hairdresser to come and chat. To my surprise, I am ushered to a seat and the whole process starts before I can say stop. I manage to sneak across to the cafe next door to grab a coffee at least before the process of foil, colour, toner, wash, treatment, cut and blow-dry fully begins.

The salon is noisy and full of chatter. Mostly women, but for once a young man is also getting his hair coloured. Right now its purple-blue, but I hope that is not final. You never know these days. I grab my Kindle and look forward to a couple of hours of reading. It is the one time I have nothing else I can or have to do and love just indulging in reading and letting myself be transported into a world of fantasy. This time a crime thriller, my favourite.

My hair is pulled stretched and coloured and anything else that can be done to hair, moved from chair to chair depending on treatment. Waiting chair, the foil chair, the basin chair for wash and treatment, then back to first chair for cut and blow-dry. The new colour is slowly becoming real with the drying. It’s not as light as I first wanted it, but as my hairdresser explained my option was either to lighten over a couple of sessions or do it all that day with the most likely outcome that my hair would break off after a couple of weeks. The idea of going bald after only a few weeks of having “fun as a blonde” made the decision to do it in steps an easy one.

Why do we do it you ask? It really sounds like torture when you think about it and even more so when you write about it. And then you get the bill. Only one word. Ouch! But we do it for the million-dollar feeling we get when we walk out of the salon. We feel taller and slimmer and sexy as hell. Like we could float and conquer anything right then and there. The world seems brighter and sunnier and our whole outlook so much more positive.

That’s exactly how I feel walking out of the salon. Then I realise I am actually starving, having had no breakfast yet and it is already after 1 pm. So I head to the outside cafe and treat myself to a decent breakfast and another large coffee. The sun is out and I enjoy some quiet people watching while waiting for my meal.

So after my initial short stint to the mall to discuss my hair and make an appointment I finally arrive back at my apartment. By now its almost 3 pm. My washing is still in the machine and needs drying. My chores are yet to be done. But I don’t care because I have a sexy new hairdo and I have indulged in a self-pampering day with no deadlines or commitments. My chores will still be here tomorrow.

Maybe I should have a facial tomorrow!!! You’ve got to love weekends…¦.

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