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Secrets in the lake – Chapter 1 draft

“Karl is dead Mandy”

Mandy stopped dead in her tracks walking up the stairs to her unit. Karl dead!! How is that possible. He is only 34……he WAS 34.

 Mandy had received the dreaded phone call on her way home stuck in peak hour traffic. She had tried to reach for the phone in her new black leather bag, but she was still getting used to the many pockets, that she had loved when she bought it, but now obviously was a huge disadvantage. Also, the traffic needed her attention so she missed the call. Never mind, I can check it when I get home. Almost there.

Wednesday was always bad on the road. Seemed every man and his dog had a need to get out and about in the city. Most weeks she would try to work from home on Wednesdays, but this week she had been asked to meet regarding what could end up a dream job with one of her favourite creative agencies in town. The meeting had gone extremely well and they seemed keen to have her onboard for their 6-month project. Mandy had been asked to put together a plan and expense budget for her work. She was looking forward to getting stuck into putting her proposal together tomorrow. The deadline was next Monday so she had plenty of time.

She was just driving into the garage when her phone rang again. She quickly parked the car and grabbed her phone to answer it.

“Hello, Mandy speaking”

“Hello Mandy, this is Sam”

Sam? She asked herself, not immediately recalling anyone by that name.

“Mandy it’s Sam from Lake Haven, we met a long time ago. I was Karl’s best mate at his wedding”

“Oh, Sam,” she said with genuine surprise “Yes, I remember you. Long time, how are you?”

It must have been at least 9 or 10 years since she last saw Sam and all she could think of at that moment was what a great a kisser he had been. She nearly giggled remembering the kissing in the booth of the bar they ended up at after the wedding reception. 5 of her good friends from Lake Haven and some hanger ons. Sam was a hanger on. A very nice hanger on she recalled with a smile on her face.

“I’m well Mandy, but I have some bad news about Karl Sonenheim”

Sam went quiet. Seemed forever before he spoke again, his voice thick and shaky.

“It’s terrible……” he started.

“Sam, what is wrong”

That’s when he told her the bad news about Karl passing away.

Karl had married his childhood sweetheart Emma. Not really a sweetheart, more of a massive flirt and a princess, but Karl absolutely adored her. They both settled in town and soon started a family. Mandy hadn’t stayed in touch, but from what she had heard from her mum, Karl and Emma was a lovely couple, successful and very happy. In fact, her mum had told her on many occasions and she knew it was just a strong hint for Mandy to find a man and settle down herself. But Mandy was in no hurry. Her last relationship ended 2 years ago, when she found out she had been two-timed. Just another bastard not to be trusted. She was happy being single. Better than breaking her heart again.

“Sam, I am so sorry to hear that. How did it happen? Was Karl ill? Are you ok

“I’m ok Mandy, thanks for asking. We are not really sure what happened. Maybe a heart attack. He was found by Emma in the lounge when she came home from a kid’s birthday party. Luckily the children were still in the front yard and she could stop them from seeing their father like that. I’m ok Mandy. Just shocked and not really taking it in. We had planned to go fishing this weekend…………..”

Sam stopped mid-sentence and Mandy sensed he was upset.  All of a sudden she wished she was there.

“Sam, I’ll arrange to drive back to Lake Haven tomorrow. Then we can catch up and talk. I’ll stay till after the funeral. Mum is away so she will be happy for me to pop in and stay at our old house. Let’s catch up tomorrow evening if you like?”

Mandy was pleased to hear Sam’s positive response to her suggestion. They arranged to meet at the local pub at 6.30pm and said their goodbyes.

Mandy felt sad about the news of her old school friend Karl, but at the same time excited like a young schoolgirl about seeing Sam. Stop being silly she told herself. She didn’t even know if Sam was with someone else or even if he remembered them kissing. But Mandy certainly did!


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