Welcome to my world of photography and writing.

I am a keen writer and photographer living in Sydney.

I love being creative and find I am happiest if I make time to indulge in expressing my creative side.

This site is my way of showcasing what I do, how I am learning and improving along the way. Hopefully, you will enjoy looking around as much as I enjoy sharing my writing and photo addiction with you.




I have always had a strong love for making up stories and writing. Right back to a young girl, I would tell my younger sister stories and I loved writing journals. A childhood in cold northern Denmark gave us lots of long dark indoor time, perfect for quiet writing and storytelling.

Sometimes writing is just another way of letting go of things that keep bothering your mind. Other times it’s my way of letting my vivid imagination run riot. I’m always thinking of new ideas and can’t wait to get them down on paper.

In 2017 I set a goal to finally finish that novel I had been talking about for years. With a significant birthday looming in 2018 I knew it was now or never. I could talk and dream about it for another ten years, but it would not get me where I really wanted to go.

I joined a local writer’s group and fully emerged myself into the writing world, as well as started my novel. It was slow going but I managed to write some short stories in between as well as a number of journal type entries. My short stories found their way to the online magazine Short Fiction Break which was my first time of sharing my writing with “the world”

When September was looming and my novel was not progressing at the rate I wanted it to, I made the decision to join NaNoWriMo in November. This got me over the line and by end November I had my 65000 manuscripts finished.

I now truly feel like a writer and excited about the next step:

Editing, re-editing and more editing till I feel its ready for publishing.

In between editing I love writing short stories and have now been published in two anthologies with Fellowship of Australian Writers

Webs of Life 2019 & Undercurrents 2021.

Both available at Writers Unleashed 

If you are curious to read more please go check out my blog where you will find stories and personal posts about my life.




I got my first camera when I was only 15. It was in black and white so it’s a long time ago. I have always had the desire to take good photos, just never took it up seriously until 2016. I haven’t looked back.

I love how photography opens up your eyes to the details around you and allow you to capture a moment in time and tell a story with your images. It fits in with my love of writing.
Through the lens, we start to view the world as a child again. With excitement and amazement. Love it and keen to perfect the art.

I always take my camera when travelling and often combine my writing and photography to document my feelings and experiences. With family here in Sydney as well as in the US and Europe I often get tempted to take off on a trip. When not staying with family I like to use AirBnB as the stays are often homely and feel nicer than hotels.

If you are keen to see more, check out my favourite photos under my blog section, or follow me on Insta and Flickr.

Snap For Life
Extremely proud to be one of the finalists in the Snap For Life Competition run by Sutherland and St George Hospitals with Moran Gallery and currently featured in their exhibition in Moran Sylvania Gallery here in Sydney. Finalist photo is of Tom Ugly bridges


Would love to one day be able to indulge in writing and snapping great images full time and not have to worry about the bills getting paid. Who knows, maybe one day :-)

Thank you for coming along for the ride.

Feel free to leave any comments. 

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