What makes you smile?

When you work for a great boss!

After a long gruelling month (year!) it was a lovely surprise to receive these beautiful flowers this afternoon with a thank you card from my manager. A gorgeous perfume is filling my loungeroom and I’m still smiling


  1. You are blessed truly my friend. I wish I could say the same for my bosses since the lockdown . It’s been very sad at work . Those who work hard had to work harder at a less safer circumstance & environment. I’m still thankful though that several of my co-workers still protect and care for each other. Beautiful flowers , wonderful post. Thanks.

    1. Working with good people is so important. We spend a big portion of our daily lives working even if for many of us its now from home. Im sure your bosses are thankful for your hard work just dont know how to show it. Know your worth in your own heart my friend 🌷

      1. Thanks Sal. Was talking to a friend the other day ( thank God for real friends🙏). It’s not COVID that will get me sick, it’s the stress of work because of people who only care about themselves and actions of those who could have made it better. I needed to heal this weekend, & just look at the bright side. People think COVID pandemic is the source of all our suffering in 2020, but many of it are really because of the actions and decisions of people. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. I appreciate the positivity & kindness.

        1. So very true. The effect of this year is far reaching into so many parts of our lives. I try to accept the way it is now and no matter what others do or dont do I always have the last say in how I react to that. Not always easy. Im human 🙂
          Good you know when you need to take time out to heal.
          Look after yourself my friend.

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