Time to Celebrate


This morning something wonderful happened that brought me to tears and I would like to share it with you, my readers.

In fact, when it happened I wanted to tell the world. To tell everyone in the post office of the good news I had just received via the letter I had collected from the counter.

For the last 12 months, I have been waiting for this moment. I knew who the letter was from as I really don’t get any letters from Denmark anymore. My family and I communicate via the internet now, so I knew it was from the Danish consulate reviewing my application to revoke my Danish citizenship. You can read more about this in my blog Aussie Viking Down Under

I was almost scared to open it, In case the answer was NO. That would be so disappointing. I really wanted this to be YES. Not that I feel any less Australian. I just know there is a lot of Danish in me and I want to honor that by being both Danish and Australian. Also, it will open doors not only for myself should I one day decide to want to stay in Europe a bit longer, but my daughters will also have a much better chance to gain Danish citizenship (and hence European) after me. They both have this desire to go live in Europe for a year or two one day.

So I was nervous when I opened the letter. I turned it around and read the words in Danish “We have now finalized our review from all the documents provided and have decided to provide you with your Danish citizenship again” That’s all I needed to read. My heart was pounding and my eyes holding back the tears. I was so relieved and so moved and so very happy.

I wanted to share the good news and took a photo of the part of the certificate showing my name and posted it to my family on Facebook. Straight away 5 likes even if it was late at night there. The night owls noticed!

I wanted to share the news with my daughters and tried to first ring my oldest living here in Sydney, but no answer. Then I tried my daughter living in San Fransisco, but of course, she would be at work so no good either. I finally got hold of a good friend. I just had to share my news. Her words were “ that’s really lovely Sal. Now you can move to Spain” Bit of a joke between us I guess, We had a trip together to Spain last year and I have this desire to go to Spain and write. A bit like the movie The Tuscan Sun. Except in Spain. Mind you I would never say no to Tuscany if that opportunity came up.

I had a moment wishing my parents were still alive to know I have now become Danish again. I’ve always felt they still watch over me so I’m sure they do.
I lost a dear friend this year to a freak accident. You can read about this in I will miss her Spirit. I know she would have understood my need to become Danish again. She revoked her Dutch citizenship a few years ago when the Netherland allowed dual citizenship. Would have been so nice to have been able to tell her over a cuppa or a wine. I miss her so much.

It’s certainly time to celebrate.​ I have 2 bottles of champagne chilling in the fridge which Ill bring along to the 21st birthday party I’ll​ be going to tonight. Ill have my own birth celebration.​ The birth of the official new me. The Danish Australian living down under.

So why is this so important to me. I’m​ not really sure, but I feel like I’m​ now complete. I’m​ not just Australian ​because my heritage and first 20 years of my life were​ in Denmark. Its a part of me. It always has been. And now it’s​ official. My old country has accepted me back.

Cheers everyone, the bubbles will be flowing tonight.


  1. Wow, that’s amazing news – I feel so happy for you!
    I’ve had friends from / in Denmark but as of yet have never had the pleasure of visiting, though I know it’s beautiful there.
    I think it’s important to grasp every aspect of ourselves – to truly know who we are and where we come from, as well as adding to that as we learn and grow on our travels. I can’t begin to imagine how much that will affect your writing and bring some journeys and true lessons into your story with that realism we all crave to achieve.
    I live in Spain but will never forget my life, friends and family in England – and my sister, too, who also lives in Australia (feels like a small world!).
    Enjoy, don’t get too bubbly! ;)

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.
      It is indeed a small world. So much easier to stay in touch with anyone around the world. Still its never the same as quality face to face contact.
      At least your family in the UK are not far away :-)
      Thanks again. Really appreciate the feedback and look forward to sharing our writings.

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