The Tale of Old Silverback

🔥🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS 🔥🔥 “King of the forest, old Silverback, fell down with a thump on the soft mulch-littered ground, and the whole forest held their breath. They realised something was wrong.” A teaser for my children’s short story which I am SUPER excited to announce is now finally available in print as… Continue reading The Tale of Old Silverback

Positive Thought 18/8/2018

Today’s positive… an all round successful and inspiring day. Our writers festival went super smooth and my consult with Lex Hirst from Pantera Press was extremely helpful. Feedback was very positive and some excellent constructive tips on tightening it up. I now know what I need to do next and Im feeling motivated and keen.… Continue reading Positive Thought 18/8/2018

Positive Thought 12/7/2018

Today’s positive….tonight was my first book club evening. I almost didn’t go. The last couple of weeks have been frantic with work and writing submissions. I was desperately trying to get through the book that I had downloaded on Kindle. I have downloaded a few lately and to my horror I only today realised I… Continue reading Positive Thought 12/7/2018

Positive Thought 4/7/2018

Today’s positive… part of the committee for our local writers festival I feel really proud to be organising their content on Facebook and Twitter. Its fun and great writing practise. Check out website. If you’re in Sydney mid August come along and say hi To all my US readers Have a wonderful 4th… Continue reading Positive Thought 4/7/2018

Writing Update May 2018

Winter weather has arrived in Sydney. Windy, wet and cold with the sun trying to bring its rays out during these last days of autumn. It has hit us with a force after months of beautiful hot weather. The change of weather is welcome in its newness. Getting out boots and scarves is always interesting… Continue reading Writing Update May 2018

Positive Thought 6/5/2018

A full day out today attending the Sydney Writers Festival at Carriage Works in Redfern. A perfect autumn day enjoying lunch in the sun with a friend getting inspired by some amazing author talks. Especially loved learning about how to disappear (might need that for one of my characters in my next novel). Of course… Continue reading Positive Thought 6/5/2018