What makes you smile?

When you work for a great boss! After a long gruelling month (year!) it was a lovely surprise to receive these beautiful flowers this afternoon with a thank you card from my manager. A gorgeous perfume is filling my loungeroom and Iā€™m still smiling

The Tale of Old Silverback

šŸ”„šŸ”„ HOT OFF THE PRESS šŸ”„šŸ”„ “King of the forest, old Silverback, fell down with a thump on the soft mulch-littered ground, and the whole forest held their breath. They realised something was wrong.” A teaser for my children’s short story which I am SUPER excited to announce is now finally available in print as… Continue reading The Tale of Old Silverback

Positive Thought 2/9 & 3/9/2018

For some reason yesterdays post didnt process. Maybe my cold infused brain mucked it up. So here you have two for one Today’s positive 2/9….waking to the sound of rain and being Sunday knowing I can stay in bed. Best feeling Today’s positive 3/9 …working for an understanding boss who doesn’t insist on work getting… Continue reading Positive Thought 2/9 & 3/9/2018