Healthy Living – Citrus Poached Salmon

I love salmon, and this recipe would have to be my favourite so far. It’s simple, quick to prepare and totally delicious.

Citrus Poached Salmon with Asparagus.

  1. Mix juice of one large lemon and one orange.
  2. Put aside 1/4 cup for dressing
  3. Add rest of citrus juice to pan with cup of water.
  4. Bring to simmer and add skinless salmon
  5. Simmer covered for 4 minutes
  6. Add fresh asparagus, woody part cut away
  7. Simmer covered another 4 minutes
  8. Meanwhile add finely cut up parsley to the citrus dressing and mix with salt, pepper and lemon rind
  9. Add small dollop of butter on top of salmon.
  10. Serve on plate with asparagus and drizzle with parsley citrus dressing

Enjoy! 😊 👌

Positive Thought 2/5/2018

Feeling good about having taken steps towards getting back in shape.

Started Lite n Easy meals today and have to say the meals are not bad. Plus its kinda nice to have little prepared lunch parcels. Like school lunches 🙂 Dinner is a breeze and allow me gym time. Its giving me some respite from grocery shopping and cooking, and hopefully help me loose the weight thats crept up in last two years.

Goal is 10kg. Now its out there you can all hold me to it 😁