Positive Thought 12/3/2018

In spite of it being my sisters last night here in Australia and having to say goodbye to my daughter earlier today now on her way back to SF, I now sit on my veranda feeling so grateful for the absolutely beautiful time we have all had. We have truly created some awesome memories that will be carried in our hearts till we meet again.

Positive Thought 3/3/2018

Being surrounded by people you love and care for is the best nourishment for your soul.

I am relaxing in the balmy summer night air on my veranda after a full day starting with another trip to the airport picking up my daughter and her boyfriend flying in from SF, breakfast at home followed by swim in the refreshing clear ocean and a chill on the beach. Then lunch at outdoor cafe and finally home to relax, and a home cooked dinner on the veranda. Everyone has now hopped into bed and I am enjoyed some quiet time feeling very content. My heart is full. Tomorrow my oldest daughter will join us all and I cant wait. I may only have a small family and we may not live close to each other, but my family truly rocks.