Thoughts and Ramblings on Covid-19 -Anzac Day


Today is Anzac day in Australia.

People normally gather in the suburbs, in parks or near beaches to honour the many soldiers that have fought for our freedom, and there is an official parade in the city.

Not this year. Due to the restrictions we could not do this. Instead, the government urged people to honour a minute’s silence at dawn by lighting a candle and stand in their driveway or on their balconies.

This morning I woke at 5.50am with no alarm. My spirit wanted to join in and feel the connection in spite of us all being apart.

I put on my gym jacket over my pjs and made my way out on my balcony. It was still dark outside but I noticed quite a few lights out on the street and on balconies across from me.

As 6 o’clock ticked over the distant sound of the bugle playing announced the time to remember and take a moment of silence. It was both eerie and very special. I felt proud to call Australia home.

As the sun rose the only sound I could hear was the birds chirping. I breathed in the fresh air and decided now would be an excellent time to follow with a Yin yoga session. To breathe, to reflect and to look inwards.

After 30 minutes of stretching and holding poses I never thought I could do just 5 weeks ago, I watched the sky turn a bright blue. It was a beautiful autumn day, and today yoga was not enough. A brisk walk was what I needed after a week working from home, and I put on my shoes and cap and ventured out.

A walk in my neighbourhood full of bright sunshine, blue sky and trees adorned with amazing autumn colours.

What a special way to celebrate Anzac Day.

Wishing you a wonderful day wherever you are.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands.

Positive Thought 2/5/2018

Feeling good about having taken steps towards getting back in shape.

Started Lite n Easy meals today and have to say the meals are not bad. Plus its kinda nice to have little prepared lunch parcels. Like school lunches 🙂 Dinner is a breeze and allow me gym time. Its giving me some respite from grocery shopping and cooking, and hopefully help me loose the weight thats crept up in last two years.

Goal is 10kg. Now its out there you can all hold me to it 😁

Positive Thought 23/4/2018

After an early start and almost 11 hours at work there was little energy left for my scheduled gym night. So whats a girl to do???

Put the music on loud in car home and sing along to re-energise. Then instead of making it to the gym doing my own in home session while dinner was cooking in the oven. Felt good and its all about keeping that habit going and not letting yourself down.