Healthy Living – Writing Passion

Do what you love, follow your passions, make your heart sing. Whatever you call it, it basically comes down to self love, and what do they say makes the world go around? LOVE. When I follow my passions I am excited to start each day and looking forward to my future. The positive effect is… Continue reading Healthy Living – Writing Passion

Healthy Living – When the Student is ready,…..

‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ An old saying apparently linked to Buddha’s teachings. In my case it was ‘when the student is ready, the book will appear’ In fact, this book is partly responsible for my new lease on life, and to my plans for this blog. My extra time to… Continue reading Healthy Living – When the Student is ready,…..

Positive Thought 10/7/2018

Today’s positive….to read the banter between my daughters in our messenger group is a joy; the oldest on a holiday in Japan and the youngest doing a short roadtrip across the US. The adventures and the fun both are having makes me smile. So glad they are having these marvellous opportunities. Travelling is a great… Continue reading Positive Thought 10/7/2018