New short story – Deadly Destination

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I’m super thrilled to be part of another FAW anthology. My third so far. The first two are available via the FAW festival website,

I again teamed up with a writing buddy and we have both worked on our short stories over the last couple of months.

Deadly Destination, started as a short 500 word story a couple of years ago and has now expanded into 2100 word.

It’s currently with the editor for a structural edit before the final copy edit.

This is always an exciting process to be part of; to see the book of stories take shape and to work with other writers on the project.

Here is a snippet of the first section to whet your appetite.

‘For a very long time, it lay silent, frozen in time and in structure. Hidden from civilisation beneath the cold ice, covered in layers of bone chilling snow. Its weapon was harmless. Unable to kill. A frozen assassin.

    Years of changing weather patterns altered the killer. Like a hibernating bear, the deadly bacteria stretched and yawned back to life. Sneaking out. Leaking to the surface, looking for sustenance. A pale green living mass slithering across the icy surface, seeking, hunting, devouring any living being in exchange of energy. It’s simple brain realising with deadly clarity it could no longer stay frozen. To continue living, it needed to thaw and live above the surface. Global climate changes were its saviour.

    Deep in the Canadian glacial mountains, where only few humans would venture, it started its roar, building strength from every tiny frozen bacterial cell and slowly morphing into a living, multiplying green surface slime. A killer of all life on earth.’

I can’t wait to see the final result when this anthology is launched. One of the many benefits of being part of a writers’ group.