Reigniting The Spark — My Personal Story From Writers’ Slump To Inspiration

My secret tips to overcoming writer’s burnout.

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Do you sometimes wake up and think, ‘I’m spent, nothing left in my tank.’?

Like something zapped all the creative juices out of you. Or someone held you upside down and it all poured out and didn’t replenish.

Let me tell you about my own recent experience with this and the strategy I used to get past it.

The Struggle to Write

At the start of February I had set myself a goal to write three articles per week . This week I had managed eleven so far but March was looming.

My last post was Sunday, and I had had a magnificent day. You can read about it here.

Sunday Alone — Sucks or Fill Your Soul With Pure Bliss?
Chose your own reality and shape your

Then my working week started, and all the stresses and dramas at my workplace zapped my motivation. All I did was go to work, do some exercise, and watch Netflix. My desire to write was zilch.

The Need for a Break

I am still super proud of my February achievements. I increased the number of articles I wrote and took on a new editor role for a Medium publication, New Literary Society.

You can read about this here.

Exciting Announcement — New Editor Role
The secret is out and I’m telling

It’s important to honour and acknowledge what you have achieved and not only focus on the slump.

Forcing out a post in a writing slump often result in average quality. Sometimes life just serves you crap and you need to honour how you feel and give yourself a break.

Of course, you can’t sit in a slump forever. As writers, we need to write and that desire is there even when our mojo is gone.

So how can we get it back?

Do something else that gives you joy. Something that will ignite your senses and inspire you.

Could be a walk in nature or go to the movies with a good friend.

Why does this help?

It gets you out of the groove of thinking about writing and stops you putting pressure on yourself to perform.

What was my own secret strategy, you may ask? My game changer?

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I inspired my senses by a different art and went to the popular Kandinsky exhibition with a good friend.

The Kandinsky Exhibition Experience

We met at Sydney Martin Station at midday and walked across the beautiful Domain Park to the impressive building of the NSW Art Gallery for our creative day.

My friend is a member of the art gallery, so we had access to the members’ lounge and indulged in a scrumptious lunch first. Both writers and long-time friends, our conversation made the next one and a half hour fly by like seconds. We could have sat there for the rest of the afternoon chatting, but the exhibition beckoned.

We spent the next two hours in genuine awe and inspiration of the talent and life history of the brilliant Russian/French artist Vasily Kandinsky, who lived between 1866 to 1944.

His works moved through the times from his early oil paintings of naturalist scenes to a more abstract form, often reflecting his growing interest in the spiritual and cosmic world. You could see his works were affected by life around him. The limited art supplies during the difficult global economic times. The darker colours chosen for his last few years of life during World War II.

It was a fascinating exhibition, and we both enjoyed reading the history behind the paintings and discussing the works. By the number of art lovers around us moving from room to room in equal admiration, we were not alone in being inspired by the many beautiful paintings.

Before returning home on the train, we indulged in another drink in the lounge and, of course, another good chat.

An Inspired Mind

It was a wonderfully inspiring day, and I came back tired but ready to write. My creative juices had ignited, but I also knew that after a full day with an early yoga start, a quick dash to the market and the rest of the afternoon admiring art, my body needed a good sleep and to let the ideas simmer. My best writing time is always first thing in the morning. But I still needed to create something, so I put together this Canva slide of the day. Slide by author

When we hit the writers’ slump, we need to give ourselves permission to stop writing, take a break and reduce the pressure to perform.

We need to live life.

To allow our creative well to fill up from inspirational fresh experiences and meaningful conversations.

So next time you hit that writers’ slump, take yourself on a creative date. I promise you it works wonders and will have you back writing in no time.

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