Positive Thought 4/7/2018

Today’s positive…..as part of the committee for our local writers festival I feel really proud to be organising their content on Facebook and Twitter. Its fun and great writing practise. Check out website. If you’re in Sydney mid August come along and say hi http://shirewritersfestival.weebly.com/festival-program.html https://www.facebook.com/shirewritersfestival/ To all my US readers Have a wonderful 4th… Continue reading Positive Thought 4/7/2018

Writing Update May 2018

Winter weather has arrived in Sydney. Windy, wet and cold with the sun trying to bring its rays out during these last days of autumn. It has hit us with a force after months of beautiful hot weather. The change of weather is welcome in its newness. Getting out boots and scarves is always interesting… Continue reading Writing Update May 2018

Positive Thought 4/3/2018

Too many positives today. Hard to pick one. I guess its just been one of those allround awesome days in the company of people I love.  If I have to pick one….getting to know my daughter’s boyfriend and seeing how he cares for my daughter, seeing the love between them, seeing her happy…that is a… Continue reading Positive Thought 4/3/2018