Something Wonderful


Those five words hang from my bathroom mirror as a great reminder to stay positive every day.

I don’t think I even noticed the sign when I woke up yesterday. I was tired and exhausted from a big week at work. It was Saturday and I had a good day ahead of chores in the morning and late lunch with my daughter. I had felt great all week, super energized and happy, so the feeling of exhaustion was puzzling me.
I laid in bed for half an hour and just relaxed with Facebook and my Kindle. Then I forced myself to get up. I had things I wanted to be done before heading into the city for lunch.

First thing was to organize​ and post my letter and paperwork for my hopefully final documents for my application to regain my Danish citizenship. Then off to the local gym to road test if before joining it. The gym is just across in the next street from where I live and so convenient. I will have no excuse now!

I normally feel great after exercise, but while I was there I had missed a call from my daughter to say she had to go to work at 3. She asked to make lunch earlier than planned. It was already 10.30, so really didn’t give me or us much time by the time I could get there. I tried to call back to see if we could re-schedule for next day. It’s an hours drive to the city and I really wanted a bit more time with her rather than rush around.

Reception in the gym was not the best, so we didn’t connect till I was out of the gym and at the post office. By then I had resigned to the fact that we would maybe not meet up that weekend at all. I felt down and lonely and could feel that my mood was not improving at all from how I felt when I first woke up. In spite of the exercise.

But speaking to my daughter on the phone and hearing her enthusiasm for us to still meet up, persuaded me that I could still make it, even if it meant rushing home, having a quick shower and leaving the place in a mess.

2 hours later I parked in her street. I had rushed through traffic and had really not enjoyed the whole rushing around. But as soon as I parked I felt excited and mood had lifted. I love that part of the city. The inner West. So cute and buzzing with life. And I was about to spend time with my girl.

My daughter had just moved into a shared household there, now flatting with a lovely young creative couple. A small but beautifully redone townhouse in Erskineville. The place felt lovely and my daughter looked so happy showing me around. We walked up the street to a local cafe and sat in the courtyard enjoying the sunshine and a delicious meal together over the usual girly chat. She then went to work and I drove back to my place.

That small act of catching up with my daughter and seeing her happiness totally changed how I felt. It was as if something had lifted from my mind. I don’t know what. I no longer felt tired or lonely. I felt invigorated and came home about 3.30 and set about cleaning my place up. It’s a small place so didn’t take long. It was then time for some writing research for an hour before cooking myself dinner and settling into a Netflix movie.

A day that started in a funny mood ended in total bliss. A great reminder of the importance of filling our day with what makes our heart sing. That’s exactly what I had done and it had totally changed how I felt first thing in the morning.

Just go ahead and do what you love doing even if it means not doing what you feel you should be doing. Those damn obligations that we all have and that we always feel are so important.

Doing what you love is SELF LOVE. It feeds our soul at a deep level and helps us be stronger.

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