Not Sleepless in Copenhagen

I am nearing the end of my two week vacation visiting my family in Denmark. In fact I have already said my goodbyes and left for Copenhagen to stay my last night in Clarion Hotel right at the airport. 

My flight is departing at a ridiculously early hour in the morning so this place is perfect. I virtually just have to walk across the overbridge and I will be within the airport grounds. 

My room is spacious and clean. Well worth the cost. Being on the tenth floor I had some amazing views of the sun setting.

I was feeling surprisingly tired from the three hour train ride over here from Herning in Jutland. It was snowing when my sister drove me to the station. Beautiful cold white fluffy snowflakes dropping from the sky as if bidding me farewell

​[wpvideo hdNEaPPf]​
I hate goodbyes. At least this time it will only be for a couple of months as my sister has booked to come help me celebrate my birthday in March πŸ˜ƒ

The train ride across was relaxing and I enjoyed my windowseat being able to quietly enjoy the Danish landscape. So cold and wet looking but still beautiful in its barren winter coat. The amazing Great Belt bridge and tunnel that seems to go forever. A marvelous structure and apparently the biggest engineering project in Denmark when it first opened to the public in the late 90’s

​[wpvideo od0rP6rw]​​

[wpvideo loP10YoA]​

After a short taxi ride I finally arrived at Clarion Hotel and went straight to my room to chill. I was tempted to order in and be a total sloth but I’m glad I forced myself to venture downstairs for a meal in their restaurant. The buzzing vibe of people chatting and eating seemed more fitting for my last night in Denmark. 

My cold Carlsberg and Grill Burger was worth it. My time with my family here in Denmark has been special and full of happy social gatherings over good food and drinks. To finish my last night sitting in a lonely hotel room just did not seem right. Even if the pillows seemed luxuriously comfortable and I am looking forward to an early night and a good sleep😜

If you ever find yourself having to depart from Copenhagen on an early flight I can certainly recommend staying at the Clarion Hotel at the airport


  1. I could have joined you πŸ˜” You should have called. I live 10 mins from the Clarion πŸ˜” I hope you had a great evening and a great trip home to Australia ❀️

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