My sister and I both have the best sister! 🙂

There is something really special about sisters and the bond they have. I can’t speak for brothers, but I hope for their sake its similar in nature.

I can speak for sisters as I have experienced and seen many examples. Not only am I a sister, I also have 2 daughters and several girlfriends where I notice it.

A friend of mine is currently posting photos of her sister just having arrived from the UK and you can see their happiness. It made me think about my sister and I.

My sister is younger than me by about 4.5 years. We spent our childhood together in Denmark, but have lived on opposite sides of the world to each other since my early twenties when I decided to move to Australia to follow love in the form of a handsome young Australian.

To me it was exciting and an adventure at 21 to travel that far. I never realised what it meant family wise. Even though I have gained so much in my life and never regretted my move at all, I also understand what I have paid for this wonderful life ‘down under”

My sister and I have always stayed close, but you miss out on the small and big events in life when you live that far apart. It just cannot be helped no matter how much you try to stay in touch. We all get busy with our lives, especially when we start our own families.

Still, the love between us has always remained and when we do catch up we chat like we just saw each other the day before. The old comforting familiarity and the memories keep us connected. I always feel loved and content after a visit with my sister.

We do drive each other crazy sometimes. We are not alike in many ways, but our love for each other just accepts that and makes the other person more endearing.

For many years we shared a bedroom in our family house, and my sister loved nothing better than hearing me tell her stories. I had a vivid imagination even then,  and one that often ended up scaring the wits out of my younger sister. I always remember telling her a particularly scary story about dead people and graveyards. Her eyes would grow wider and my enjoyment at seeing the effect of my story grew at the same rate as her eyes till she couldn’t handle it anymore​ and went into complete panic mode. She screamed at the top of her voice like she was being murdered. I panicked, more worrying about my mum punishing me, I’m sure, than concern for my sister. Such horror siblings we can be sometimes. I quickly grabbed her and kept saying “It was only a tiny frog,​ it was only a tiny frog making the noise, not a dead person, just a tiny frog” till my sister finally calmed. We both remember this particular story time,​ not sure who was the most scared.

My love​ for my sister had never wavered. She will always be my baby sister. Don’t​ get me wrong. I love my brother as much as my sister, it’s​ just our connections is different. My sister and I share so many common areas because we are both females. We connect with​ motherhood, relationships with men and the understanding of the female hormones, I guess we get each other because we are both females.

I am now counting down the days until​ this Christmas. I am traveling​ to Denmark with my two adult daughters to spend time with our Danish family. It is the first Christmas we have all been together, my sister and brother and their families, since 1994. My girls will meet all their cousins again,​ now all adults as well as a couple of little great cousins. We are all so excited and can’t believe its actually happening.

Here is to sisterhood and good family times. I am super excited.

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