See You Later

This was written in preparation for today’s Writing group session. Prompt is ‘See you later!’ You called, not realising it wasn’t true.

How many times in life do we say that “See you later”, but really have no idea if we will? It’s our positive minds saying that phrase. We all truly do not want to imagine not seeing our friends and loved ones later.

I said that many times to my friend that I had known for over 10 years.

We first connected at the gym during my year as an instructor. She was such a positive and friendly soul, always talking about her dancing and the parties she attended with her dance friends. Sounded like such fun, but I was in a relationship and it wasn’t the right time for me to venture to dance classes. That changed when my partner and I broke up. I was hurt and sad but knew I had to get out and have some fun. So I joined my friend from the gym and that was the start of a long friendship.

We soon realised we had a similar background. She was originally from Europe too and still had family there. Had met her Australian husband, now ex, in Switzerland and ended up out here in Australia starting married life and having a family. Very similar to my story.

My friend had a beautiful adventurous spirit and always off doing something different. Work for her was not about career, but more about financing her next adventure. Trekking,​ skiing, sailing or working in the Swiss Alps over their winter season. I loved that about her. Her ability to just take off and not worry about where her next meal would come from.

Many times my friend would leave Australia for time away somewhere else. We would say our “see you later” knowing she would be back. We all got used to her gypsy existence knowing Australia and her family here would make her return even if only for short periods.

That was until her last adventure in Europe. My friend never returned. I didn’t get to “see her later”.​ A freak accident trying to rescue a young girl who had fallen off the ramp into a lake. Not realising there was an electrical fault and the water was fully charged with electricity​ they both ended their lives right there in the lake. It was instant, but so not the right time for either of them. My friend was 52 and the young girl only 26. But then is it ever the right time?

We all know it is how our lives will end. With death. But we never want to really face it. If we did, maybe we would all treasure our lives more and live each day knowing we may not always “see loved ones later”

My friend’s loved ones will never “see her later”

“Go live each day as if it’s​ your last, but prepare for tomorrow”


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