Positive Thought 2/7/2018

Today’s positive….Wordpress sent me a note to congratulate me on six years with WP. Reminded me that I actually set up my first WP blog as a journal on my first trip back to Denmark after 17 years here in Australia. It was just for me and girls to read.

I’ve just been reading some of the post. So pleased I have it as it was a special trip; it reconnected me with my family and the country I grew up in. And best of all it paved the way to more trips since.

Sharing this short post I wrote as I travelled across the countryside by train on the way to my hometown. I was so excited and overwhelmed.

***We are speeding through the Danish country side and while Im taking in the scenery passing in front if my eyes Ive got a myriad of emotions speeding through my body. The rolling mass of greenery, pine trees, willows and farmland splattered with cute little farmhouses with steep rooves to combat the winter snow, fields of flowers whose names Ive long forgotten but still awakes a dormant memory cell. This is the first time Ive experienced Denmark in the summertime since I was 21 and the images before me brings me right back. It is beautiful it is green and lush the sky is both blue and grey. It is summer in Denmark!***

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