Misty Morning on the Beach

Nothing beats getting up early in the morning to capture the start to the day. It’s hard to get out of bed at 5am on a Sunday morning when your body says “I want to sleep”, but it is so worth it.

I dragged myself out this morning to capture a few pictures of the sunrise at Wanda beach here at Cronulla. It was still dark and the streets very quiet as I made myself down to the beach.

Only a handful of cars parked in the carpark and everything was quiet except for the sound of the surf and a few early birds. It was beautiful and serene. For a moment I just stood there taking it all in breathing in the ocean air. I love that smell. It’s energizing.

The morning was a bit cloudy and a rolling sea mist was stuck in the hills. It looked eerie, like a slow moving animal floating quietly over the grassy sand hills. The beauty of nature always astounds me.

A few surfers were already in the water. So brave. Not sure I would like to be out there in the semi-dark​, but they love their morning surf. And honestly, ​when you start to see the sun come up over the horizon you can understand why. Its a sight I never tire of.

Slowly people started to appear on the beach, walking, jogging or just checking out the surf. More and more cars arrived,​ parents with their young children getting ready for a beach competition. Stands were being set up and the surf club opened up for the day.

It was beautiful to watch. A great way to ease into the day. I have to start listening more to my heart that loves getting up early rather than my tired body who wants to sleep in :-)

I took quite a few photos ​ but also spent a lot of time just enjoying the moments.

Here are a few for you to hopefully enjoy also.

Happy Sunday to all


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