Healthy Living – When the Student is ready,…..

‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ An old saying apparently linked to Buddha’s teachings. In my case it was ‘when the student is ready, the book will appear’ In fact, this book is partly responsible for my new lease on life, and to my plans for this blog. My extra time to… Continue reading Healthy Living – When the Student is ready,…..

Positive Thought 24/9/2018

Today’s positive…the last few days has seen me forced into a much slower pace due to a bad viral infection. But it has also allowed me time to reflect and really consider what makes me feel good and what I want going forward. I am excited about that. So even sickness has its purpose 😊

Positive Thought 21/9/2018

Today’s positive…arriving home to a wellfed cat, thanks to my beautiful friends who did feeding shifts, and being greeted by her purring and doing the figure eight love walk around my legs. Pets know how to make you smile even when youre sick and exhausted after a fifteen hour flight.