Hello Possum!

Just introducing my cute flatmate, Mr or Mrs ​Possum. Been hanging around for a long time now in spite of me having a cat. Seemed quite happy to play model. Possums along with kangaroos and koalas are iconic Australian fauna. They are nocturnal marsupials and apparently, we have 23 known species here. Often they are… Continue reading Hello Possum!

See You Later

This was written in preparation for today’s Writing group session. Prompt is ‘See you later!’ You called, not realising it wasn’t true. How many times in life do we say that “See you later”, but really have no idea if we will? It’s our positive minds saying that phrase. We all truly do not want… Continue reading See You Later

Thank you! 

10 followers!  Wow I have reached my first milestone and I am truly grateful for all the support, comments and likes I have received from everyone. Its really appreciated and extremely satisfying and exciting to know others enjoy my writing.  I am still learning and testing the waters in this writing and blogging space. To… Continue reading Thank you! 

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Time to Celebrate

This morning something wonderful happened that brought me to tears and I would like to share it with you, my readers. In fact, when it happened I wanted to tell the world. To tell everyone in the post office of the good news I had just received via the letter I had collected from the… Continue reading Time to Celebrate

Alone in an Ocean

Written a few years ago as a single mum raising my girls Life is a beautiful journey Full of constant challenges that enrich my days make me grow as a person An eternal row of lessons tackled gladly most days with an energy and enthusiasm from my positive independent soul Strong and courageous​ nurturing and… Continue reading Alone in an Ocean

On the Rise

She knows he just comes for her body yet always he’s bruising her soul Each time when they meet her heart skips a beat in the end, her inside’s a deep hole He says he is looking for friendship​ yet his eyes and his actions negates He plays with her mind does he think she… Continue reading On the Rise

A Shift in Focus

Finally, I found you! For so many years I looked. Why did you hide when you knew I needed you? So easy to find and yet so hidden I wrongly thought you would reside amongst riches and well to do Was I really looking for you or just constantly chasing material wealth and an image… Continue reading A Shift in Focus